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Battlefield 4 User Interface Update – PC

An important change is coming to your Battlefield 4 experience for PC. The new Battlefield user interface will be introduced for PC players in early Spring, 2017. This UI provides a more intuitive and centralized experience for all your Battlefield games. Changes include: Functionality for squad creation before you enter a match. A recommendation engine to suggest relevant maps, modes, and more. A unified user…

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Update For Battlelog Mobile App This Fall

EA/DICE have confirmed there will be a update for the well used Battlelog mobile app which will be coming around fall this year. This update will bring things such as, Improved Interface, Career, and customization sections. The text below has been taken from the Official Battlefield page. Dear Battlefield™ player, We wanted to give you a heads-up for an update to the Battlelog Mobile App…

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New Battlefield 4 UI Available for Xbox One – PlayStation 4

A New Battlefield 4 UI is Available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, load up Battlefield 4 on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 and you’ll notice that things look a little bit different. A new Battlefield user interface is being introduced that will provide a more intuitive and centralized experience for Battlefield games starting with Battlefield 4 on consoles. Besides being a total visual overhaul,…

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