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Battlefield Titles Returning To Steam

Battlefield Returns To Steam! Next Spring EA and Valve will be getting back together again to provide game titles like Battlefield, Apex Legends, FIFA and more on the Steam network. Electronic Arts and Valve have partnered to put EA games into the hands of the players on Steam. Starting next spring, EA Access our ever-growing…

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Battlefield Bad Company On Long Vacation

DICE expects to make a third entry in the Battlefield Bad Company franchise eventually, according to the studio’s creative director Lars Gustavsson. DICE creative director says series is “just on a very long vacation”. My feeling is that I would love to do it, for me, when we started the company with 1942, it was…

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New Domain Name – Battlefield Informer

Battlefield Informer – New Domain: We have now changed our domain name and community to Battlefield Informer http://battlefieldinformer.com With this move we can now cover all the up coming Battlefield games such as Battlefield 4 and Bad Company 3! Our Battlefield 3 Community name limited us too just Battlefield 3 so i decided to make…

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