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Battlefield Returns To Steam

Battlefield Returns To Steam! Next Spring EA and Valve will be getting back together again to provide game titles like Battlefield, Apex Legends, FIFA and more on the Steam network. Having one of the Biggest Battlefield Steam groups around this is great news for us and are followers and maybe now some of our followers who left will now make a return! Ever since we…

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Update For Battlelog Mobile App This Fall

EA/DICE have confirmed there will be a update for the well used Battlelog mobile app which will be coming around fall this year. This update will bring things such as, Improved Interface, Career, and customization sections. The text below has been taken from the Official Battlefield page. Dear Battlefield™ player, We wanted to give you a heads-up for an update to the Battlelog Mobile App…

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Battlefield Weekly Coming Soon

Over the next 10 weeks EA’s Dan Sheridan aka @EA_ActionMan plus special guests will be live streaming there Battlefield Weekly community show. Make sure to tune in this Wednesday at 6pm GMT. Featuring all the latest intel from the Battlefield and live streaming classic gameplay on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. That’s not all you can participate in these shows. All you have to do…

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