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Battlefield Hardline Possible Rep Changes

Thaddeus Sasser Lead MP Design on Battlefield Hardline started an interesting conversation on Battlelog yesterday about new rep changes coming and are just moments away from finishing there final tweaks. Thaddeus Sasser @dirtydeathdog had this to say: Hi guys, Working on getting the last tweaks to the Rep system in-game. Thought I’d share where we are with these, and get any last minute feedback you…

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Battlefield Hardline Patch – April PC-XBOX-PS

Sorry about the delay on posting this but we have been a little busy fixing some minor errors on our Star Wars site, The following Battlefield Hardline patch notes are for All formats (PC,Xbox,PS). Patch 1.02 release for PC Battlepacks Bronze packs: changes made to the last slot drop to improve the chances of collectibles and vouchers rather than boosts. Silver packs: made the first…

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Battlefield Hardline Cop Patch Contest

Time to get creative. We know you enjoy browsing through and showing off the in-game Patches of Battlefield Hardline. But now we’re stepping this customization up and challenge you to send us your design idea for a Patch! Vincent0K We’re looking for the most original, creative, and fitting design idea for a cops Patch. Submit your contribution by e-mailing an image file (3 MB maximum)…

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