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NEW: Battlefield 4 Spectator Mode Intel

In this in-depth Road to BF4 post we tackle a highly anticipated feature for the Battlefield 4 Spectator Mode. The team at DICE explains how being able to view Battlefield matches in the engaging Spectator Mode will gratify curious fans, competitive gamers, and ambitious YouTube video makers. With the crazy moments that happen only in Battlefield, the impressive skills of top players, and the amazing…

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Battlefield 4 Introducing Spectator Mode

It’s been a long requested feature, and we are happy to announce that Spectator Mode will definitely appear in Battlefield 4! If you’ve watched our multiplayer live stream from E3, you’ve already seen an early version of it in action. In this post, we give you some added detail and answers to this upcoming feature. In our EA press conference on June 10 at E3,…

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