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Battlefield 4 Holiday Patch Notes

Be warned this is another huge list of updates that have come in the latest ”Battlefield 4 Holiday Patch” and features information on the greatest map ever made.. Dragon Valley! This map is so big it has Noshahr Canals as one of it’s docks!! UPDATE HIGHLIGHTS The focus for the Holiday Update has been finishing the classic map project, Dragon Valley 2015! This release also…

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Battlefield 4 CTE Holiday Patch – All Game modes

A Battlefield 4 CTE holiday patch has been released and now contains all game modes, this update also brings the usual updates for Dragon Valley 2015, Audio Changes, Operation Outbreak updates, Weapon & Gadget Changes, Vehicle changes and a few more. GAME MODES & RELEASES To expedite this, we will start by splitting our focus to one of the top three game modes per release:…

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