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Battlefield 4 Patrick Bach Gamescom Interview

DICE Executive Producer for Battlefield 4 Patrick Bach goes through some new elements to the Battlefield such as Platoon emblems on vehicles and camos, new jets, new choppers and much more! From this Battlefield 4 interview at today’s Gamescom event what did we learn? Wei have listed some of them below: You can now add your platoon emblems to your vehicles. Dynamic weather effects will…

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Battlefield 4 Gamescom Teaser Trailer

You all must know by now that Gamescom starts tomorrow and it has many many Battlefield fans pumped including us! Gamescom have released a short Battlefield 4 Gamescom Teaser Trailer to get you even more pumped! The Battlefield player shown in the video has clocked 8000 hours in the series. “Battlefield 4 at Gamescom; I will be there, will you be too.” You can check…

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