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Battlefield 4 Dragons Teeth Official Release Date

Get ready to take the battle to Asian Pacific’s dense, urban landscape with Battlefield 4 Dragons Teeth, the fourth expansion pack to Battlefield 4. Coming July 15th to Battlefield 4 Premium members! Dragons Teeth drops players into four all-new maps that introduce unique environments and gameplay ranging from the bustling alleyways of Pearl Market to the floating restaurant in the middle of a lake in…

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Battlefield 4 Dragons Teeth Release Date

A few hours ago the official Origin Twitter page leaked that the Battlefield 4 Dragons Teeth release date will be on the 15th of July for Premium members. The tweet was soon removed and replaced with another tweet that did not contain the release day. Here is the new tweet by the Origin account without the date: https://twitter.com/OriginInsider/st…898688/photo/1 If most of you players out there…

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