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Battlefield 4 Community Operations Trailer

Battlefield 4 Community Operations Trailer – With the release of Battlefield 4’s Community Operations free dlc coming tomorrow EA/DICE have decided to release a intense and action packed cinematic trailer. The Battlefield 4 Fall Update will be releasing on the same day! It’s been a long road for the Community Map Project, and the Battlefield 4 community has been involved every step of the way.…

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Battlefield 4 Community Operations – Fall 2015

Battlefield 4 Community Operations is separate from the upcoming Fall Update. This pack includes Operation Outbreak, the map created hand-in-hand with the community. Enter the dense jungle to battle for supremacy in a valley with a medical research facility. The valley is infantry-focused with limited access, making the use of agile vehicles (such as RHIB’s on the river, quad bikes for fast transportation, and light…

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Battlefield 4 CTE Community Map – Dev Alpha

This patch contains: Battlefield 4 CTE Community Map Updates, Netcode & High tickrate updates, Gameplay Updates, Land Vehicle updates, Air Vehicle Gameplay Updates, check the thread out for the full list. Today’s update continues on the bug fixes and optimizations for Operation Outbreak – and we also continue the Vehicle balance pass – some of these changes was partially in yesterdays release. RELEASE NOTES These…

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