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Obliteration Mode Coming To The Battlefield 4 Beta

The all new Battlefield 4 Obliteration Mode will be rolling out today at some point in the beta. The new Obliteration mode is rolling out in the BF4 Beta for (PC/PS3/X360). Server availability will increase gradually. Obliteration features two teams fighting over control of a bomb that must be planted on specific enemy targets on the Battlefield. This spells hectic all-out war with many epic…

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Battlefield 4 Beta Spectator Mode

In tonight’s Battlefield 4 Beta Spectator Mode video i am showing off the all new Spectator mode which will come into play more for the competitive players or video makers within the community. This is just a quick look at what the Battlefield 4 Beta Spectator Mode can do and some of the angles you have to play with. This video was recorded today on…

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