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Battlefield 4 Battlelog Maintenance – March

The gang at EA Dice will be performing Battlelog back-end maintenance for Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3, Battlefield Hardline, and Medal of Honor on Thursday, March 1st. During this time, Battlelog will not be accessible for those titles and you will be unable to join games through Battlelog or access the in-game Battlelog. We recommend that you use the in-game server browsers (if available) to join…

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New Battlefield 4 UI Available for Xbox One – PlayStation 4

A New Battlefield 4 UI is Available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, load up Battlefield 4 on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 and you’ll notice that things look a little bit different. A new Battlefield user interface is being introduced that will provide a more intuitive and centralized experience for Battlefield games starting with Battlefield 4 on consoles. Besides being a total visual overhaul,…

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Battlefield 4 Battlelog App Update 20-11-14

Enjoy hitting Battlefield 4 together with friends? So do we. Therefore, we’re excited to tell you that the Battlefield 4 Battlelog App now features push notifications sent when two or more of your friends are playing Battlefield 4 together! On top of this, the Battlelog App will now also notify you about Double XP events and upcoming content releases for Battlefield 4. These reminders will…

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