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Battlefield Creator Contest – BF3 BF4 BF1 BFV

The Battlefield Creator Contest has begun! Do you like creating content for Battlefield games? If you do, you now have the chance to share it with a bigger audience and win yourself some swag. From the Battlefield We want to see your most jaw-dropping only-in-Battlefield moments. Submit your content to get featured and win great rewards. Entrants in this contest must: (1) Own or have…

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Battlefield 3 Boot Camp – Offensive Jet Tactics

Battlefield 3 Boot Camp – Offensive Jet Tactics: Every week Jonno Stanton is joined by Battlefield 3 experts to discuss some of the best ways to play as a team and achieve objectives, whether playing as infantry, in vehicles or in the air. This week, Toby Connolly talks about offensive tactics when piloting jets. Equip Air Radar to track enemy positions and movement, whilst using…

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Battlefield 3 Boot Camp – Engineer Class

Battlefield 3 Boot Camp – Engineer Class: Taking Out Vehicles: On this week’s Battlefield Boot Camp Toby Connolly talks about taking out vehicles with his favorite class, the Engineer. The Engineer class offers a number of tools for disabling enemy vehicles and restoring allies. Find a load out that works for you, but don’t be afraid to alter things depending on the map choice or…

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Battlefield 3 AH-6J Little Bird

I have noticed many Battlefield 3 players out there still avoid the Battlefield 3 AH-6J Little Bird like it has a rare and deadly disease. Used correctly the little bird can be very effective on the Battlefield so watch the video to see how i use it in combat! The Little Bird first appeared in Battlefield 2 as a part of the Armored Fury expansion…

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