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Battlefield 2042 Specialists Overview

This latest video is supposed to be a Battlefield 2042 Specialists Overview showing some of the main strengths and abilities of each character but again the details are very limited. For some reason the Marketing team for Battlefield 2042 has it in there heads that giving us hardly any information at all about this game is a good thing? DICE have been going…

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Battlefield 2042 Kimble “Irish” Graves

A natural-born leader, Kimble “Irish” Graves, is the commander of the Specialists aboard the Exodus. A native of Brooklyn, New York, his natural leadership qualities and combat skills help keep the Non-Patriated safe from harm. Pre-order Battlefield 2042 to get the Irish – Battle Hardened Legendary Skin. Having seen the cost of war first hand as a former Marine, this skilled engineer is…

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Battlefield 2042 Briefing

This Battlefield 2042 Briefing is the text version of the Battlefield 2042 stream that took place earlier today, it gives lots more information about the game so have a good read. Just as in the Battlefield 2042 Stream you get to learn about: Multiplayer Experiences Specialists AI soldiers Maps Dynamic World Weapons, Gadgets and Vehicles Live Service and more.. Watch: Battlefield 2042 Stream…

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