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Battlefield 2042 Reveal Trailer – Full

The Battlefield 2042 Reveal Trailer has just rocked the community and it looks like DICE are finally listening to there feedback. In our opinion this is what we have been asking for, for a very long time. What can we say apart from wow! Everything looks amazing in this Battlefield 2042 Reveal Trailer, the kits, the graphics, the maps, the vehicles and best…

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Battlefield 2042 Livestream Reveal Trailer

This Wed the Battlefield 2042 Livestream Reveal Trailer will go live and the whole community is pumped to see this next instalment! With only around 46 hours to go the tension is getting high so bring a fresh pair of pants.. Here is the latest Battlefield 2042 information: ALL SYSTEMS OFFLINE > > System Rebooting > > Loading 10% Tune in starting June…

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Battlefield 2042 Information

Well it looks like we are going to get Battlefield 2042 news bit by bit but the good news is the main reveal is coming very soon. Oskar Gabrielson, General Manager DICE shares some information. First, we’re really excited to have the biggest Battlefield development team ever working on our console and PC game for this Holiday season, and second…we have something very…

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