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Battlefield 2042 Portal Extended Look

Learn more in this Battlefield 2042 Portal Extended Look, this post gives you a load more information on what’s to come! And with the days passing by the game will be here before you know it! Below is some Official Battlefield 2042 information and video which might clear up any questions you might have. Getting Started in Battlefield Portal The Battlefield Portal experience…

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Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Renewal – Breakaway – Discarded – Maps

Here is a little bit more Official Battlefield 2042 Gameplay. This time it is featuring the Battlefield 2042 Maps: Renewal, Breakaway and Discarded. From Egypt’s giant wall to Singapore’s maze-like cargo containers, get your first look at gameplay on three of the seven maps coming at launch: Renewal, Breakaway and Discarded. The maps in Battlefield 2042 allow for all-new gameplay experiences, with unprecedented…

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