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Steve Papoutsis Answers Some Questions

Visceral Battlefield Hardline Executive Producer, Steve Papoutsis held a Q&A session on Twitter and oh boy he revealed a shed load of new game information such as weapon count, gadgets and much more..

As this Q&A was held on Twitter within Tweets we have tried to take down all information revealed so if we missed any we do apologize. First beta details coming on Weds. So Stay tuned.

51 weapons.
28 gadgets.
5 new game modes.
7 modes and 9 maps in multiplayer mode.
Night Maps – Grow House being one of them.
27 new vehicles.
64 Player game modes for PS4, X1, and PC.
Conquest mode will be in it.
No co-op mode in SP.
Customizable spray tags you can spray around the streets.
Asymmetrical weapons for Cops & Criminals.
Cars are faster, collision is better, e-brake is now in.
Re-mappable Console buttons.
Funnier voice over lines that come up when you spot enemies. You might see some funny gestures…

If we find out more info you can be sure we will post it up for you!

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