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Songs From The Battlefield Bina Bianca

When German singer Bina Bianca got tired of writing regular love songs, she started thinking. Could the video games she’d been playing all her life be a better source of inspiration? After a first song paying homage to Dragon Age, the number of Youtube followers grew.

DICE: Hi Bina! What is your Battlefield 4 song about?
Bina Bianca – It’s inspired by the footage in the Fishing in Baku trailer. When I started working on the Battlefield 4 song, I didn’t know what to write about. I didn’t want to make a happy song, but when I saw the trailer something clicked. I got blown away of the footage, the motion capture, the music, the sound effects – it was all so real! I started writing immediately after that.

DICE:How come you started singing video game tribute songs?
Bina Bianca – When I’m in a game I have so many emotions, and I want to capture that in a song. I want to take another person’s perspective and figure out what that character feels. After my first song about Dragon Age I noticed that people seemed to like it. And they liked the next song, and the next. So I couldn’t really stop!

So you identify with the main character and write the song based on that?
– Exactly, since usually I’m not a mage, and not in a Dragon Age universe… I also try to capture the feelings I have when I’m playing the game. I play the game, make notes and think about the character’s perspective before I write the songs.

What kind of feedback have your videos received?
– Internationally, it’s just amazing. When I published the Battlefield song, many real soldiers from America and Afghanistan actually wrote long messages to me. They told me they loved the music, and that they had started crying thinking about friends they’ve lost.

Wow. How did that make you feel?
– I makes me very proud. When you’re composing music, at first you do it only for yourself. But it’s amazing when people say you’ve made their days better. Of course I put my heart into my music, but it means a lot more when people say they really felt my music. It’s mind blowing!

You’ve also done songs that aren’t game related. Are you aiming for a real music career?
– It’s a dream, it would be great to make a living out of music. I don’t know if I’m good enough though, but maybe I’m being too realistic!

You have roughly 90,000 views on your Battlefield 4 song. How many are you usually aiming for?
– Well, it’s cool with many views and subscribers. But on the other hand… right now I’m able to answer every single comment and I don’t know if I could do that with like 100,000 subscribers. It’s really not about the likes anyway, it’s about the music and the hobby.

Songs From The Battlefield Bina Bianca

You’ve had the opportunity to play Battlefield 4 and our all-new game mode Obliteration. What are your impressions?
– I’ve tried both Domination and Obliteration and it’s so much fun. Especially Obliteration, it’s like capture the flag but with bombs. It’s something I haven’t really seen before. It’s great that you guys still have new ideas for the series, you get better with every Battlefield!

What was the first Battlefield game you tried?
– My first Battlefield game was Battlefield Vietnam, and then I tried the very first one, Battlefield 1942. I had a break for a while but when Battlefield 3 came out, everyone kept telling me to play it. I soon got addicted again.

What’s your play style in Battlefield?
– I enjoy working as a team in a squad, and that’s what I like most with Battlefield: it’s not just about shooting all the time. I revive people, I capture flags, I throw medpacks and so on. I like the huge maps, where you can play tactical and sneak around if you want. That’s how I play, I like to sneak.

Thanks a lot Bina, and hope you have enjoyed the gamescom week!
– Thanks! It’s quite sad to see all this end, because it has been so unreal. It’s been amazing to be here. I’ve loved gaming since I was a little kid, and I’ve always wanted to go to gamescom. It’s been great hanging out with the Battlefield community and meet so many great and amazing people!

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