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Battlefield Bad Company 3

Battlefield Bad Company 3 – (Unknown/Rumor)

Battlefield Bad Company On Long Vacation

DICE expects to make a third entry in the Battlefield Bad Company franchise eventually, according to the studio’s creative director Lars Gustavsson says the series is just on a very long vacation. A third installment in the Battlefield: Bad Company franchise will happen, creative director Lars Gustavsson told reporters at a Battlefield 4 event, clarifying that it won’t happen immediately because of the recent spate…

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What Would Make Bad Company 3 Different?

Although EA and DICE have made it clear that they plan to support Battlefield 3 heavily with post-release DLC, it has been revealed that a Battlefield Bad Company 3 game may already be in development but right now this is just a rumor. Once again it is the wonders of LinkedIn that appears to have let slip the details, although with Battlefield[ 3 still seemingly…

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Battlefield Bad Company 3 listed on Dev CVs

News Mentions of Battlefield 3 Bad Company 3 and Mirror’s Edge 2 have turned up on select LinkedIn profiles, suggesting that both titles are currently in development at DICE. About a month ago, the rumor surfaced that Mirror’s Edge 2 is in development for next-gen consoles. A third entry in the Battlefield Bad Company series is also supposedly being worked on. Now, after some detective…

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