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Project Reality BF2 v1.2 Released – Battlefield 2

The award-winning Project Reality team is proud to announce the official release of Project Reality: BF2 v1.2! This update focuses on a new master server backend, completely replacing the GameSpy servers (which shut down at the end of May).

As a result, it allows players to continue enjoying Project Reality: BF2! But that’s not all this update will provide. It also comes with the long awaited Dutch Forces, new maps, illumination flares, and multiple bug fixes and stability enhancements.

Main features & changes
PRMasterServer support, which replaces GameSpy.
Dutch Forces.
3 new maps: Arctic Lion, Hades Peak & Shikotan Island.
Illumination flares for Grenadier class.
ZSU-23-4 Shilka SPAAA for MEC forces.
Countless other bug fixes, tweaks and changes.

Full changelog can be read here.

If you’re new to Project Reality, head to our downloads page and download the new version. If you have already installed Project Reality: BF2 v1.1, simply press “PLAY” in the launcher and the automatic updater should handle the rest!

IMPORTANT #1: Due to the new master server backend, your existing player profiles through GameSpy are invalid and will be deleted during the update, requiring new profiles to be made. The process of creating a profile through the launcher should be unchanged. However, this also means that your existing profile settings, such as video, audio and control configurations will be reset to default upon creation of the new profiles. Your existing profiles will be automatically backed up during the update process if you wish to manually copy existing settings from your old profiles.

IMPORTANT #2: Due to the urgent need to release a Project Reality build that functions independently of GameSpy pre-shutdown and our wish to provide you with some new content at the same time, you may encounter several bugs and errors. In particular, with our new master server and the new content additions. Rest assured, our developers and testing team are moving swiftly to handle any problems that arise. We appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime. Relay any bugs or problems that you encounter to us through the PR:BF2 Bugs subforum, and be sure to follow the templates provided!

Project Reality Mod Support
If you encounter any problems while installing and/or playing Project Reality: BF2, please check out the Project Reality Mod Support forum. If your problem has not already been posted by someone else, please do not hesitate to start a new thread asking for help. We will do everything we can to provide you with a solution, but we can’t do anything if you don’t ask first!

Project Reality v1.2 Server Files
If you currently host a Project Reality game server, you would have received the server files for Project Reality v1.2 via the Server Admin CP already. If you are interested in hosting a new Project Reality server, please follow the link below to apply for a server license.

Support Project Reality!
The Project Reality Team develops modifications and games that are completely free for its community to download and play. If you would like to show your support, please consider donating to our team. Our limited funds go directly towards website expenses, including bandwidth, hosting, domain registration, and maintenance; any extra funds are invested into new content for the mod and website, such as sound packs, models, and software. We never use donation funds to directly pay team members.

As we’re nearing our 10th year since Project Reality was founded, we look forward to seeing Project Reality: BF2 continue long into the future!

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