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The Battlefield 4 CTE has been dead now for over three months, no players and no signs of life from the dev team which has made this news no shock at all. David Sirland Producer at DICE has confirmed there will be no more content for the BF4 CTE.

If anybody is asking why is there no more content for the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment? The simple answer is Battlefield 1! They will be putting all there man/woman power into creating the next part of the Battlefield chapter and i cannot wait for it!

Anyway i will get on with it, David Sirland Producer at DICE LA has now confirmed that there are no further plans for any new content for the BF4 CTE this is what he had to say:

Yes, today I can let you guys know that at this point we don’t have any plans to release new content for BF4 to the CTE.

It’s been a real journey working with you all in creating unique and awesome experiences together through this env! A huge thank you to all that has been involved and active on the CTE!

He should have just said the CTE has been scrapped instead of saying there is no plans then give a big thank you speech..

Now if the thank you speech comes out you know for sure it is dead and gone. And in my opinion i think they should be moving away from Battlefield 4 and onto the next Battlefield game. Let us just hope it releases better then the last.

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