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New Features Coming To Battlefield Hardline

Yes you heard me correctly Battlefield Hardline will soon be getting some so called ”Super Features” that will be accessible to Premium and expansion pack owners only. So in other words if you do not have premium or XP’s then you will not get a sniff of it!

Super Features to Be Accessible for Premium & XPs

Hey everyone,

A change will be implemented with the release of the next Base Game Update (more info on release date soon) that will affect who has access to the Battlefield Hardline Super Features.

Battlefield Hardline Super Features will be available both with Battlefield Hardline Premium, and as part of the individual Expansion Packs they’re released with.
– Masks will be included with Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity.
– The ability to attain Legendary Status will be available for anyone who owns Battlefield Hardline: Robbery.
– The next two Super Features – Gun Bench and improvements to Competitive Play – will be available with Battlefield Hardline Premium and owners of future Expansion Packs.

Opening up these Super Features to Premium members and owners of expansions packs will bring in more players to play against, and bring more competition to the Battlefield.

We thank you for your understanding!

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