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New Battlefield 1 Battlepacks Available

Battlefield 1 is coming to it’s end and the community are on the edge of there seats waiting for some news or a trailer of the new Battlefield game but instead DICE have now introduced pointless new Battlefield 1 battlepacks.

The game has been out now for a long time and they start releasing content they should have released months ago, they need to spend more time fixing the game problems instead! Sorry if i sound like i am complaining in this article it just seems like every time we try to play Battlefield 1 it is broken in some sort of way including ea servers being down.. But anyway.

If you go into your Battlefield 1 battlepacks section you will notice a few extras in there and according to DICE there is still more to come. These will get you exactly the type of content you’re looking for, and show you what’s inside before you purchase them.

Below are the listed battlepacks:

Outstanding Battlepack
Contains weapon or vehicle skins of the Distinguished rarity level or higher.

Spectacular Battlepack
Contains weapon or vehicle skins of the Legendary rarity level, with one of the skins being a super rare skin.

Class Battlepack
Will contain skins for weapons unique to the Battlefield 1 soldier classes. First up is the Assault Edition which will contain skins for Assault-specific weapons such as the 12G Automatic, the Hellriegel 1915, and others.

The content of all these Battlepacks will be updated from time to time so make sure you keep checking in there for some new items.

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