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DICE – We Put Battlefield In Tight Spaces

With Close Quarters Battlefield, we want to give a new direction and give players a new style of game play, without losing sight of what makes Battlefield so unique.

In this edition of “Inside DICE” says the lead designer Niklas Fegraeus about the inspiration Battlefield to bring into interior spaces, bringing the opportunities and challenges this presents.

Hello! I’m Niklas Fegraeus, Lead Designer for Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. The video, which hopefully you’ve just looked at is an early test video that was taken during a play test, to give us the opportunity to assess the effects of the new destruction more effectively. But let’s start at the beginning.

When in 2001 I have games for the Sega Dreamcast created, my career started as a clan in Counter Strike players. This soon developed into a kind of semi-professional part-time job. I found a sponsor, won some tournaments and LAN participated in the Cyber Athlete Professional League.

Now we have 2012 and my mouse contest has its final resting place in a drawer. And yet I always thought that the experience of these days would prove to me as a game designer for Battlefield as valuable.

Counter Strike is a tactical and precise art of shooting in tight spaces. And I can say quite relaxed that I know a little about how these tiny little shooter, and how they should be playing.

Battlefield is on the other hand, in many ways, a great game. Even we are sometimes surprised developers on its circumference. So you can rid a house of enemies, while tactically proceed with your squad, or climb with a jet in the sky while avoiding an opponent’s air defenses. And all in the same round.


I can still remember the feeling of greatness and freedom, as I’ve played the game for the first time. It was at Wake Iceland, in the BF1942 demo (even before I was part of the DICE crew), and I cursed the damn planes, which I constantly threw bombs on the head. But the anger and confusion have quickly turned into a nasty grin, as I discovered the flak and directly effective use made.

Three years later I got my dream job and was able to participate in DICE Battlefield 2. After I’ve worked as an animator and designer on Battlefield 2, it was great of course as the lead designer of Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand, the real classic maps from Battlefield 2 Battlefield revive in 3 may be.

After we had completed Back to Karkand, I realized that I would work on our next expansion pack, which appears in June. This time I wanted bietenund the Battlefield players a new experience them more choices allow the gaming experience. But first, I did not know how to do that.

Then I remembered the nights that I shared with my clan, spent in an internet cafe of my sponsor. For hours we tried, as an attack on a well defended area works best. And we just had our rifles and grenades only.

These battles in tight interior spaces have something special. You have to keep an eye on every corner, use the sound to see where the enemy is. You have to move very carefully and precisely because it is never safe. The danger is always just a few meters away from you. This creates the feeling of really being in the fight 100%. There is no quiet moment, because you’re always on the alert and Makest it to the extreme.

Battlefield 3 in operation, Metro surely turn closest to that feeling. And as we know, this card is one of the most popular 3rd in Battlefield This also shows that our gameplay works well with such a unique and fast-paced conditions.

And then I had found the desired approach for the new expansion pack. Now it was time to refine them and work out the details. The aim was to find the elements that drive your adrenaline through the roof and make sure that you are always on the border. I wanted the players to feel like Hudson in the Alien movies. The view of the scanner, the accelerated pace of beeping, the pertinent safety and the knowledge that death is already in the room.

So I sat down with Jhony Ljungstedt, my art director, and after a long talk together, how can we achieve that, there were a lot of ideas came together. He reminded me of the scene in Matrix when Neo and Trinity stormed a lobby and it completely destroyed it. The impression of slow motion sequences was great. And it was never really implemented properly in a game. And so we were both of us quickly agreed that we wanted to just put something like that.

“Imagine a place only to break down with bullets. Imagine how it breaks out of the wall pieces and how they then slide across the floor like marbles,” he said.

“I really wanted to shoot everything in pieces can. In very small pieces! “

And then it was clear to me. We had the chance to do just that. If we leave out large items that cost a lot of performance, such as tanks, and bring the battlefield to a smaller degree, then we gain enough extra power Frostbite. The engine has fantastic opportunities in terms of destruction and with a little more CPU time, it could work.

I wanted to see if we can destroy things in detail. I really wanted to shoot everything in pieces can. In very small pieces! Or in short, I wanted the destruction in high-definition.

After a series of prototypes and some tests, we had a working system and have tried it immediately. A test boring and gray levels with a staircase, some columns and walls, of course, so you do not crash into oblivion.

Here we have incorporated an early version of the HD-destruction, just to test the concept. The testers we said, “Shoot at all times easily!” And then they have done well. The whole map has been torn to pieces by bullets as the gray material of the proposed prototype. Fragments and debris swirled through the area and stayed as a carpet of debris lying on the ground. Walls suddenly had big holes where once there was still wood or mortar. Suddenly there were new ways to attack your opponent and just by Shooting with the rifle. This is completely new to Battlefield. Because usually, it takes even heavy weapons, such as RPGs and tanks to tear down walls.

Very quickly we realized that this is something new. It has a significant impact on how you play and how you experience the game. And so the HD-destruction quickly become an important factor when it comes to bringing the Battlefield experience in small spaces. It feels great to now be able to show it to everyone. It’s great to show it now, after the complete installation of the system may be.

Just because the HD-destruction has such a big impact on how the gameplay changes from second to second, it was now to bring our best game modes in this scale. We quickly realized that Rush, which takes players on a larger scale on a journey of MCOM to MCOM would not easily fit. And so we turned to Conquest. But how should we take these essential Battlefield game mode in this new environment?

Together with my game designer Gustav Halling, who also has a past in eSports, we searched for an idea. And then we remembered Unreal Tournament, then in 1999. For the first time the world saw then the game mode “Domination”, the Conquest is quite similar. Of course there are some differences, but the Domination gameplay fits on the smaller maps. And we wanted to create just such a map, yes.

Inspired by these memories, we have the spawn system of team deathmatch mode from Battlefield 3, and this put a custom Conquest mode donated. We call Conquest Domination and it works very well. In particular, now is the defense of the flag and more important, the new game mode offers several tactical levels. It remembers exactly the tactics that I have in my time eSports have used successfully. Listening to the steps, the spraying through walls, throwing grenades, covering the areas and the constant communication – everything is there.

Our proven system Squad experience is even better. The intensity and pure challenge to dominate the opponent is, I am convinced, make the best squads in front of a big job.

To design a new game experience is never easy. It tests created and tested a lot of things. Some will not fit and you always have the millions of fans in mind, we want to fulfill their wishes. The ultimate objective is a sensible idea to have heart and implement them with great attention to detail.

We want the thrill of fighting in close combat. We want the adrenaline rush when you know that it can catch one every second. We want a world that is your best friend and your worst enemy. A world that protects you in one second and the next second is in the back, because you opened a new path to the enemy.

And so I felt after the discontinuation of my headphones into the play-tests, like a leaf in the wind. The many adrenaline that much. I am personally very happy and proud for our next expansion pack. I’m really happy about it, how changeable our game is about and how it has made my team to set up the game even wider.

You can check out more Battlefield videos in our Video Gallery or our YouTube channel, thanks for watching.

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