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DICE Halts Future Projects To Fix Battlefield 4

DICE Halts Future Projects To Fix Battlefield 4 – Electronic Arts Dice have pledged to halt all future projects such as Star Wars Battlefront in order to fix all the issues in BF4.

A DICE publisher tells how they want to thank fans for holding in there and supporting there game!

EA/DICE Spokesperson:
“First, we want to thank the fans out there that are playing and supporting us with Battlefield 4. We know we still have a ways to go with fixing the game – it is absolutely our number one priority. The team at DICE is working non-stop to update the game. Since Battlefield 4 China Rising expansion pack was already in the final stages of development by the time issues began with Battlefield 4, we decided to fulfill our promise to deliver it this week, but we’re not moving onto future projects or expansions until we sort out all the issues with Battlefield 4. We know many of our players are frustrated, and we feel their pain. We will not stop until this is right.”

“Being a big part of the Battlefield community and also running my own team for a long time i can clearly say this has hurt the series big time and left real hardcore fans wondering where it all went wrong. Don’t get me wrong i know the Battlefield community is strong and dedicated but also they do not want it to take the same path as other games such as Medal of Honor and Generals 2 that where both scrapped due to bad feedback and thought.

Everyday i get messaged.. it could be on Twitter, Battlelog, Steam yet the questions are always the same…

When is BF4 getting fixed, BF4 is terrible, the net-code is broken are they fixing it, why are they releasing expansions when the game is broken and so forth and this makes me sad and also a little angry, Battlefield Informer try to defend DICE as much as we can and we know the amount of work is huge but if that is the case put it back a month or two and take more time to perfect the maps, we have gone from giant maps (BF2) to Bad Company sized maps with no airfields.. You may say who cares about airfields?

Well i know a lot of people do including myself, but bit by bit they take away what made the game so epic and fill it with cheese such as levolution which really is pointless and tiresome!

In our opinion and please remember that this is only our opinion i think DICE have a lot of making up to do and giving us Double XP to say sorry really does not cut it with us.”

Sorry i had to have my rant and get it off my chest i have so much more i can ramble on about but i won’t, but we still back the Battlefield community 100% as it is the best in the world!

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