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Delayed Battlefield 1 Battlepacks Now Available

Attention Soldiers! The delayed Battlefield 1 Battlepacks we were all meant to receive from the December event are now finally available, the two bonus Superior Battlepacks were supposed to be given out between the 25th and 29th of December but delayed due to technical issues.

To grab the two bonus Battlefield 1 battlepacks just login to Battlefield 1 before the 16th of January and they should be ready to go! And if you want a reminder of the past events you can find them located here: Battlefield 1 December Events

Battlepack Variations

You can get all kinds of items of any rarity in a standard Battlepack. There are however two modified versions of The Battlepack – Enhanced and Superior – which guarantee you a weapon skin of a specific rarity level. Get these modified versions by spending Scraps. If you are a Battlefield 1 Premium Member, you will get 14 Superior Battlepacks.

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