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Commander Mode Returns To Battlefield 4

Well at long last EA/DICE are finally bringing back some of the awesome features from Battlefield 2. And i am happy to say Commander Mode is making a return! Or is it another rumor? This would be great news and a role that was truly missed by Battlefield veterans.

I could talk all day about commander mode in Battlefield 2 and how great it is and how bad it can be when fallen into the wrong hands (noobs). In BF2 when players applied for this role the game would find the highest ranking player and choose him/her for the mode. This was great as it stopped it being available to lower ranking players who would not use it correctly.

commander mode bf4

If you have a good commander who knows how to utilize his tools correctly it can be a whole game changer, being the commander gave the player power to:

Scan the whole map (but was kinda slow and got you killed unless you hide).
Drop ground shattering Artillery.
Put up UAV’s.
Drop supply crates (ammo & health).
Vehicle drops (jeeps only).
Squad commands.
And the option of being able to speak to any squad leader through the in-game VOIP system.

Pretty awesome huh? Well we loved it and if you have not tried it yet we are sure you will find it interesting.

So as you can see above commander mode is coming back and we cannot wait and we know our community will be happy with it being rated as the most wanted thing to return in Battlefield 4.

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