Battlefield Hardline MPX Submachine Gun

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Battlefield Hardline MPX Submachine Gun

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Battlefield Hardline MPX Submachine Gun

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Description by Battlefield Informer

Battlefield Informer

SIG MPX submachine gun is a modular weapon which can be user-configured to fire three calibers (9x19 mm Luger/Parabellum, .357 SIG or .40 S&W), and features AR15-style controls and overall configuration, to shorten learning curve to operators already accustomed to M16 / M4 type rifles and carbines. Basic configurations of the SIG MPX are: standard version with 165 mm / 6.5” barrel, short version with 114 mm / 4.5” barrel (MPX-K with shoulder stock and MPX-P without shoulder stock) and integrally silenced MPX-SD. Civilian MPX-C carbine features same 165 mm / 6.5” barrel as a standard model, but with the permanently attached long muzzle brake / compensator to ensure overall barrel length of 16 inches to conform to US regulations. What is interesting about this muzzle device is that it can be easily converted into sound suppressor (silencer) by installation of the tubular sleeve and muzzle cap. Sound suppressors (silencers) are legal for civilians to own and use in many states of USA, but are regulated under NFA’34 legislation. Therefore it can be assumed that the sleeve and/or muzzle cap will be sold separately from the gun as NFA-regulated (Class 3) items.

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