Battlefield 3 AN/PEQ-1 SOFLAM

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Battlefield 3 AN/PEQ-1 SOFLAM

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Battlefield 3 AN/PEQ-1 SOFLAM

  Description for Battlefield 3 AN/PEQ-1 SOFLAM

Description by Battlefield Informer

Battlefield Informer

The SOFLAM (Special Operations Forces Laser Marker) is a laser designator for specific range finding and locating critical targets for destruction using guided ordnance.

The SOFLAM is a Recon gadget in Battlefield 3. It is deployed as a stationary weapon like the M224 Mortar, but is used for laser designation of targets for guided weaponry. Once set into a suitable area, the player can control it remotely (like the EOD Bot or the MAV). The SOFLAM is semi-autonomous and will designate targets even when unattended.

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