Battlefield 3 T-UGS

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Battlefield 3 T-UGS

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Battlefield 3 T-UGS

  Description for Battlefield 3 T-UGS

Description by Battlefield Informer

Battlefield Informer

A Tactical Unattended Ground Sensor or T-UGS is a deployable motion sensor. It collects seismic, acoustic, radiological, and electro-optic data to track any movement in its range. The T-UGS can track, classify, and identify any target within its range and relay it to across the network in almost real time to a platoon size element of soldiers as an early warning device.

"The Tactical Unattended Ground Sensor uses motion sensors to detect the presence of vehicles and infantry. The sensor emits an audible beep on detection and can be avoided by moving at low speed."

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