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The Battlefield V classes consist of Assault, Medic, Recon and Sniper. The Battlefield V Elites are Seamus Byrne and Ernst Schubert. You can find all the information you need about Battlefield V classes in our blog section.

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Battlefield V Elites

An Elite is a soldier character skin of Legendary rarity that enables you to bring more personality to the battlefield with signature looks, voices, and melee weapons. Elites can be obtained with Battlefield Currency but won't affect gameplay. On April 30, the first two Elites were added to Battlefield V: Seamus Byrne and Ernst Schubert. Get to know the reckless member of the British Irish Guard and the cold, calculated pathfinder better by heading to the Elites page.

Battlefield V Ilse Schattenwolf - Elite
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Battlefield V Assault Class

Assault offers a balance of offense and defense in most situations both anti-infantry and the Class best equipped to leave vehicles in a fiery heap.

Battlefield V Assault Class 3
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Battlefield V Recon Class

Enemies know this Class as the gleam of light before they see the white light. A precise, patient, and well positioned Recon player can clear most objectives without ever coming under fire.

Battlefield V Recon Class 3
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Battlefield V Medic Class

The medic class in our opinion was pretty crappy in Battlefield 1 so we opted to play either Assault class or Support class due to there better weapon selection.Medic class lovers alike will be happy to hear the Battlefield V medic class will be able to kick some ass once again!

Battlefield V Medic Class 3
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Battlefield V Support Class

The Support is equipped with tools for enemy suppression and a storm of heavy fire. Your Ammo Pouches supply your squad and balance against the new Attrition System.

Battlefield V Support Class 3
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