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Whether itís boosting jewels, double-crossing an international smuggling ring, or extracting a high-value piece of intel from a precinct locker room, teams on both sides of the law will have to pull together to make (or break) these epic heists.

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Battlefield Hardline The Docks

The Docks is a night map that offers a generous mix of open outdoor space and claustrophobic interiors. Scale to great heights and snipe from atop a crane, or hijack a scout helicopter and rain down justice from above. Makeshift towers of cargo crates give infantry plenty of places to hide, but beware they can be toppled and reduced to a twisted mess of metal and debris with one carefully placed bullet.

Battlefield Hardline The Docks - Map #8
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Battlefield Hardline Precinct 7

Precinct 7 is the first snow map for Battlefield Hardline, and the first snowy map set at night in the history of the Battlefield franchise. It has a little bit of everything, from warehouses perfect for sniping, to blocks of road to burn rubber on in Hotwire mode.

Battlefield Hardline Precinct 7 - Map #6
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Battlefield Hardline Museum

Museum is the first 100% indoors map for Battlefield Hardline. The various wings and floors of the Turing Natural History Museum make this setting a perfect infantry map. Among the exhibits are a collection of Egyptian relics and the requisite ensemble of Tyrannosaurus, Brontosaurus, and Utah Raptor skeletons.

Battlefield Hardline Museum - Map #6
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Battlefield Hardline Break Pointe

Break Pointe is a driverís paradise. Situated on a stretch of highway along the scenic California coast, this enormous daytime map features a ton of terrain to drive on, over, under, and through. In addition to the pristine roads, there are rivers, gulleys, and canyons for a little off-road exploration.

Battlefield Hardline Break Pointe - Map #6
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