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BF4 Weapons and Gadgets.

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Battlefield 4 Grenades & Explosives

Battlefield 4 in-game explosive selection.

Battlefield 4 M18 Claymore
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Battlefield 4 Knives

Our BF4 Knife section contains the full listing of the Battlefield 4 in-game knife selection that can all be unlocked via multiplayer gaming. Each image description gives you a hint on how to obtain this weapon.

Battlefield 4 Tanto Knife
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Battlefield 4 Gadgets and Extras

BF4 Medi packs, ammo packs, repair tools and more..

Battlefield 4 MP-APS - Man-Portable Active Protection System
03-24-2015 06:01 PM Go to last upload

Battlefield 4 Pistols/Handguns

Battlefield 4: M412 REX Hand Gun
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