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Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity

Small crews of well-trained, aggressive criminals have been using force of arms to terrorize the citizenry and are in direct conflict with the police in many cases. Public property damages and insurance claims have skyrocketed, not to mention the impact on the police force.

Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity - Black Friday Map #3
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Battlefield Hardline Code Blue

Code Blue is one of the four new maps featured in the ''Battlefield Hardline'' Criminal Activity expansion pack and based in a Miami night club. Code Blue features intricate sets with tons of destruction!

Battlefield Hardline Code Blue Map #3
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Battlefield Hardline Black Friday

Battlefield Hardline Black Friday is a sprawling, multi-level mall, packed with kiosks and stores built with lots of glass and zero class. Cops and criminals will rampage over fallen advertisements, through the overturned remains of jewelry and apparel stores, and into the dimly-lit back corridors used by store clerks and mall security. Adding to the chaos, Black Friday is set in the aftermath of a hurricane, which has left Palm Courts Mall more battered and bruised.

Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity - Black Friday Map #3
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Battlefield Hardline Robbery

Whether itís boosting jewels, double-crossing an international smuggling ring, or extracting a high-value piece of intel from a precinct locker room, teams on both sides of the law will have to pull together to make (or break) these epic heists.

Battlefield Hardline Break Pointe - Map #6
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Battlefield Hardline The Docks

The Docks is a night map that offers a generous mix of open outdoor space and claustrophobic interiors. Scale to great heights and snipe from atop a crane, or hijack a scout helicopter and rain down justice from above. Makeshift towers of cargo crates give infantry plenty of places to hide, but beware they can be toppled and reduced to a twisted mess of metal and debris with one carefully placed bullet.

Battlefield Hardline The Docks - Map #8
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Battlefield Hardline Precinct 7

Precinct 7 is the first snow map for Battlefield Hardline, and the first snowy map set at night in the history of the Battlefield franchise. It has a little bit of everything, from warehouses perfect for sniping, to blocks of road to burn rubber on in Hotwire mode.

Battlefield Hardline Precinct 7 - Map #6
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Battlefield Hardline Museum

Museum is the first 100% indoors map for Battlefield Hardline. The various wings and floors of the Turing Natural History Museum make this setting a perfect infantry map. Among the exhibits are a collection of Egyptian relics and the requisite ensemble of Tyrannosaurus, Brontosaurus, and Utah Raptor skeletons.

Battlefield Hardline Museum - Map #6
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Battlefield Hardline Break Pointe

Break Pointe is a driverís paradise. Situated on a stretch of highway along the scenic California coast, this enormous daytime map features a ton of terrain to drive on, over, under, and through. In addition to the pristine roads, there are rivers, gulleys, and canyons for a little off-road exploration.

Battlefield Hardline Break Pointe - Map #6
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Battlefield Hardline Blackout

This new content is organized under a central theme: the cloak of darkness. What happens when the lights go out, and criminal and police factions are forced to face off under the slimmest sliver of light? Find out yourself.

Battlefield Hardline Blackout #4
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Battlefield Hardline Getaway

Battlefield Hardline Getaway features four new maps that focus on what happens once the heist is over. Weíre talking hot pursuits down the California coast, awesome chases over the U.S.-Mexican border, and daring escapes through underground channels and past charging train cars.

Battlefield Hardline Getaway
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Battlefield Hardline Betrayal

So, itís all come down to this. Youíve assembled a crew, pulled off the perfect heist, and made a whirlwind escape from the police. Now, there are enemies lurking in the frozen shadows, dark figures hiding behind crumbling mausoleums, and confrontations brewing in back alleys and federal prisons. Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal is coming this March 2016

Battlefield Hardline Building Alcatraz #5
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