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Battlefield 1 weapons are the most important thing in the game and we have them all listed here, from melee weapons and side arms to explosives and rifles we are sure you should find what your looking for.

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Battlefield 1 Melee Weapons

A melee weapon is any manner of weapon used in hand-to-hand combat. The term Melee originates in the 1640s from the French word mle, which refers to hand-to-hand combat, a close quarters battle, a brawl, or a confused fight.

Battlefield 1 Totokia War Club
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Battlefield 1 Pistols

A pistol is a type of handgun. In some usage, the term "pistol" refers to a subset of handguns: those with a chamber integral with the barrel. In other usage, the term is interchangeable with "handgun".

Battlefield 1 Mars Automatic
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Battlefield 1 Submachine Guns

A submachine gun (SMG) is an air-cooled, magazine-fed, automatic carbine designed to fire pistol cartridges.

Battlefield 1 MP 18 Trench
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Battlefield 1 Self-Loading Rifles

A Self-loading rifle may refer to: Semi-automatic rifle, a type of firearm which fires a single shot with the pull of a trigger, and uses the energy of that shot to chamber the next round.

Battlefield 1 Mondragon Storm
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Battlefield 1 Standard Issue Rifles

The service rifle (also known as standard-issue rifle) of a given army or armed force is that which it issues as standard to its soldiers. In modern forces, this is typically a highly versatile and rugged assault rifle, battle rifle or carbine suitable for use in nearly all environments.

Battlefield 1 Russian 1895
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Battlefield 1 Shotguns

A shotgun is a firearm that is usually designed to be fired from the shoulder, which uses the energy of a fixed shell to fire a number of small pellets called shot, or a solid projectile called a slug.

Battlefield 1 Hellfighter Trench Shotgun
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Battlefield 1 Rifles

A Rifle is a gun that is especially fired from shoulder level, having a long spirally grooved barrel intended to make a bullet spin and thereby have greater accuracy over a long distance.

Battlefield 1 M1903 Marksman
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Battlefield 1 Light Machine Guns

A light machine gun (LMG) is a machine gun designed to be employed by an individual soldier, with or without an assistant, as an infantry support weapon

Battlefield 1 BAR M1918 Telescopic
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