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Battlefield Hardline Gadgets

New gadgets, new strategy. It's time to own the streets.

Battlefield Hardline Armored Insert
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Battlefield Hardline Carbines

A carbine (/ˈkɑrbiːn/ or /ˈkɑrbaɪn/), from French carabine, is a long arm firearm but with a shorter barrel than a rifle or musket. Many carbines are shortened versions of full length rifles, shooting the same ammunition, while others fire lower-powered ammunition, including those designed for pistols.

Battlefield Hardline R0933 Carbine
06-30-2015 01:20 PM Go to last upload

Battlefield Hardline Assault Rifles

An assault rifle is a selective fire rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine. Assault rifles are currently the standard service rifles in most modern armies. Examples of assault rifles include the StG 44, AK-47 and the M16 rifle.

Battlefield Hardline ARM Assault Rifle
06-09-2015 11:22 AM Go to last upload

Battlefield Hardline Submachine Guns

A submachine gun (SMG) is an air-cooled, magazine-fed, automatic carbine designed to fire pistol cartridges. The term "submachine gun" was coined by John T. Thompson, the inventor of the Thompson submachine gun.

Battlefield Hardline MP5K Submachine Gun
06-23-2015 01:59 PM Go to last upload

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