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An Elite is a soldier character skin of Legendary rarity that enables you to bring more personality to the battlefield with signature looks, voices, and melee weapons. Elites can be obtained with Battlefield Currency but won't affect gameplay. On April 30, the first two Elites were added to Battlefield V: Seamus Byrne and Ernst Schubert. Get to know the reckless member of the British Irish Guard and the cold, calculated pathfinder better by heading to the Elites page.

Battlefield V Ilse Schattenwolf - Elite
Battlefield V Norman Kingsley - Elite
Battlefield V Elites - Seamus Byrne - Ernst Schubert
Battlefield V German Naval Dagger - Elite Weapon
Battlefield V Poignard - Elite Weapon
Battlefield V K93 Bayonet - Elite Weapon
Battlefield V Lever Pipe - Elite Weapon
Battlefield V Wilhelm Franke - Elite
Battlefield V Hanna Delacroix - Elite
Battlefield V Seamus Byrne - 3
Battlefield V Ernst Schubert - 2
Battlefield V Elites Wallpaper
Battlefield V Ernst Schubert
Battlefield V Seamus Byrne - 2
Battlefield V Seamus Byrne

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