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Battlefield Weekly Coming Soon

Over the next 10 weeks EA’s Dan Sheridan aka @EA_ActionMan plus special guests will be live streaming there Battlefield Weekly community show. Make sure to tune in this Wednesday at 6pm GMT.

Featuring all the latest intel from the Battlefield and live streaming classic gameplay on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. That’s not all you can participate in these shows. All you have to do to take part is fill out the form below with your details. 60 players per platform will be selected at random from all entries for the chance to take part in the live stream.

The server we will be playing on each week is called Battlefield Weekly featuring a classic rotation of conquest favorite maps. Everyone who signs up will also have the chance to win some epic Battlefield prizes from our partners. If you don’t get selected for the show you can still tune in on Twitch For the chance to win mystery spot prizes on the night. Get involved by signing up below.

Sign Up: Battlefield Weekly

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