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Are you ready soldiers for the next chapter in war on the Battlefield? Battlefield V (5) is set in WWII and will be released on 11th (EA Access and Origin Access Play First Trial), 20th (Deluxe Edition), and (Standard Edition) 20th November 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and PC.

Please Note: Battlefield V does not require a premium subscription nor will it contain any expansion packs. You can learn more by searching this category.

Battlefield V Soundtrack – Official

DICE have released 7 tracks from the official Battlefield V Soundtrack for you to download and use in your videos, on your phone or just for pure listening pleasure. As always we have listed the tracks from the Battlefield V official soundtrack below and also added a player so you can listen to them straight away. Enjoy! BATTLEFIELD V OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK COMPOSED BY JOHAN SÖDERQVIST…

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Battlefield V Medic Class – Combat Roles

The Battlefield Medic Class in our opinion has always been the best class to role with within a squad or league/ladder environment, we have played this class from Battlefield 2 all the way up to Battlefield 4. The medic class in our opinion was pretty crappy in Battlefield 1 so we opted to play either Assault class or Support class due to there better weapon…

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Battlefield V Support Class – Combat Roles

Below is some official Battlefield V Support Class information for you to have a read through! The Battlefield support class has always been the heavy hitter out of all the classes and provides there squad and team mates with vital ammunition throughout the round. All images that are added to our articles can be found in full size in our Battlefield image gallery located here:…

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Battlefield V Recon Class – Combat Roles

Over the coming weeks there will be lots of great information coming out about Battlefield V but for now we will carry on with the combat roles and this time it being the Battlefield V Recon Class! All images that are added to our articles can be found in full size in our Battlefield image gallery located here: http://battlefieldinformer.com/bfi-2/gallery/. Please Note game content, gameplay mechanics,…

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