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Are you ready soldiers for the next chapter in war on the Battlefield? Battlefield V (5) is set in WWII and will be released on 11th (EA Access and Origin Access Play First Trial), 20th (Deluxe Edition), and (Standard Edition) 20th November 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and PC.

Please Note: Battlefield V does not require a premium subscription nor will it contain any expansion packs. You can learn more by searching this category.

Battlefield V Firestorm Gameplay Trailer

In this Battlefield V Firestorm Gameplay Trailer DICE show you what is next to come in Battlefield V. Battle across land, air and sea whilst being surrounded by a ever raging inferno that slowly destroys the playing field. Have you got what it takes to survive? Firestorm launches March 25 as an update to all Battlefield V players, and sets the spark for Chapter 3:…

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Battlefield V Lightning Strikes Update Notes #4

Battlefield V Lightning Strikes Update Notes #4 – This Battlefield V update is just a short update that fixes things such as: Vehicles, Weapons, Gadgets, Specializations, Maps and modes plus a few other updates. Vehicles • Fixed the inconsistency between the length of the visual effect of the Churchill Crocodile tank’s flamethrower when viewing it in third person versus first person. Weapons, Gadgets, and Specializations…

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