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Are you ready soldiers for the next chapter in war on the Battlefield? Battlefield V (5) is set in WWII and will be released on 11th (EA Access and Origin Access Play First Trial), 20th (Deluxe Edition), and (Standard Edition) 20th November 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and PC.

Please Note: Battlefield V does not require a premium subscription nor will it contain any expansion packs. You can learn more by searching this category.

Battlefield V Outpost Mode Information

Battlefield V Outpost Mode is a whole new experience and has a bit more emphasis on defense and tactical play, where the kill count is not as vital as controlling the key points on the map. We find this Battlefield V Outpost Mode quite interesting and cannot wait to see it in action. DICE – Jonas Elfving A new multiplayer experience available for a limited…

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Battlefield V Defying the Odds Trailer

The Battlefield V Defying the Odds trailer gets down to business and shows some amazing looking maps to a very eager community. The maps in this video are coming to Battlefield V over the coming months. Starting June 27, Battlefield V Chapter 4 Defying the Odds will evolve Battlefield V with new maps rolling out throughout the summer. See more during the Battlefield V EA…

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Battlefield V June Update Notes

The Battlefield V June update has now been released and you may be thinking what does this update actually fix? Well we will tell you! It addresses things like Weapons, Gadgets, Specializations, UI/HUD/Options/Assignments/, Maps & Modes and a few other changes. If you want to know more about the Battlefield V June Update Notes keep on reading: DICE We’ve fixed the APCR Specialisation for the…

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