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Are you ready soldiers for the next chapter in war on the Battlefield? Battlefield V (5) is set in WWII and will be released on 11th (EA Access and Origin Access Play First Trial), 20th (Deluxe Edition), and (Standard Edition) 20th November 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and PC.

Please Note: Battlefield V does not require a premium subscription nor will it contain any expansion packs. You can learn more by searching this category.

Battlefield V Devastation of Rotterdam Trailer

Well at long last we finally get a proper Battlefield V trailer. This Battlefield V Devastation of Rotterdam Trailer contains some new unseen footage of the maps and multiplayer gameplay. DICE: From the shattered streets of Rotterdam to the burning sands of North Africa, Battlefield will never be the same. Follow the Battlefield 5 channels for all the latest news from Gamescom. You can check…

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Battlefield V Grand Operations Information

Battlefield V Grand Operations is a upgraded version of Battlefield 1’s Operations mode and oh boy it has changed a lot and for the better! Being a fan of Battlefield 1 Operations already it is quite interesting to hear that how you and your team plays effects each day of war in Battlefield V Grand Operations mode. Below you will find some official Battlefield V…

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