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Battlefield V Technical Information

The Battlefield V Technical Information section is for all the people like us out there who enjoy reading game update notes to see what has actually changed in the game.

Please note we will be posting all update notes in this section so keep your eye on it after a Battlefield V update the information will be here!

Battlefield V Update Notes Jan 28th

Below are the official Battlefield V Update Notes Jan 28th. Unlock the Sturmgeschutz IV by completing the Weekly Challenge of the third Chapter Event of Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes. New Vehicle – Sturmgeschutz IV The StuG IV’s low silhouette makes it great for ambush tactics, and the turretless design makes it less vulnerable to enemy tanks. Not having a turret is a bit of a…

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Battlefield V Overture – Chapter 1

Battlefield V Overture is all about the new additions and experiences you will be getting from the December 4th update, this includes a new War Story, the Panzerstorm map, the Practice Range, vehicle customization, and new Chapter progression rewards. We have listed below what we know so far, once the official update notes have been released we will post them up in full. Another thing…

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