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Battlefield V Technical Information

Our Battlefield V Technical Information section provides all the latest updates/patches for Battlefield V this also includes hot fix updates and any other technical information that may help you along the way.

Battlefield V Rented Server Program

Battlefield V Rented Server Program – For the community members out there who like renting there own game servers you might be glad to hear that the Battlefield V Rented Server Program will begin after this summer… Really?? even more waiting? The Rented Server Program, or RSP for short, is a topic that continues to be discussed with incredible passion across the Battlefield…

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Battlefield V April Update Notes – 29th

The Battlefield V April update notes have now been released and we have the full official update notes right here for you to read right now! This update contains improvements over a wide variety of features, such as tweaks to vehicles, soldiers, and weapons. Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 3: Trial by Fire Update #3 Notes Vehicles Fixed the Valentine Autoloader Specialization,…

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Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 2 – Update 3

This Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 2 update adds four-player co-op to Battlefield V with Combined Arms. This experience lets you bring friends to challenge AI enemies and improve your skills before jumping into multiplayer. You can play solo or in a squad with up to three friends and tackle eight PvE missions set behind enemy lines, with four different objectives across…

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