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Battlefield V War in the Pacific Trailer

Well i am going to start by saying a big well done to the team who has created this Battlefield V War in the Pacific Trailer, in our opinion it is the best one yet, a truly epic video! If only the team at DICE had this much energy when they released the game it would be a different game altogether.

Battlefield V War in the Pacific Trailer
Are you ready to take part in a Pacific invasion across land, air, and sea? Available on October 31, Chapter 5: War in the Pacific brings amphibious assaults and all-out warfare across iconic battlefields, with the U.S. and Japan entering the fray.

Maps coming:
Iwo Jima
Pacific Storm
Wake Island (Coming December)

The American forces charge inland towards unwavering defenses, as brute force tactics clash with the Japanese home ground advantage. In Chapter 5, you’ll get to fight as the U.S. Armed Forces or the Imperial Japanese Army. Deploy with their respective iconic military hardware and equip your Company members with unique outfits to stand out on the battlefield.

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