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Battlefield V Support Class – Combat Roles

Below is some official Battlefield V Support Class information for you to have a read through! The Battlefield support class has always been the heavy hitter out of all the classes and provides there squad and team mates with vital ammunition throughout the round.

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The Support Class in Battlefield V
The Support Class carries the weight of their squad as the mobile source of supplies and by toting the LMG or MMG – the big guns of Battlefield. They help their squad close the gap between objectives by keeping teammates resupplied.

As Support you’re building advanced Fortifications and machine gun emplacements. You can give your squad better firing positions, a safe spot to reload, and the best chance to capture a point when using your unique ability to construct stationary guns.

Support Class weaponry is fit for close and medium range and typically has a high rate of fire.

Support Class Weapons and Gadgets
The Support is equipped with tools for enemy suppression and a storm of heavy fire. Your Ammo Pouches supply your squad and balance against the new Attrition System. Your Anti-Tank Mine adds an extra touch to help defend fortified positions.

Set per Class, more weapons and gadgets can be unlocked just by playing. Weapons can be customized as part of your Company.

Primary Weapon Categories
Light Machine Guns
Medium Machine Guns

Starter Gadgets
Ammo Pouch
Anti-Tank Mine

Combat Roles
These are tied to Classes and provide two traits. Pick a Class and Combat Role with a loadout that suits your playstyle but be ready to make a switch at the deploy overview screen to adapt to on the ground situations.

Each Class gets two Combat Roles at launch to choose from, with one equipped as a default, and the other unlocked by playing. More will release as part of Tides of War, giving players enough time to master each before providing them with additional options to choose from.

Engineer (Base)
The Engineer Combat Role is the base for the Support Class. Soldiers look to you to lock down a location in a hurry, since you can build Fortifications faster than any other Class or Combat Role.

Engineer Traits
Vehicle Fixer: You repair vehicles and build Fortifications significantly faster than other Support Class Combat Roles.
Heavy Weapons Expert: You can fire static weapons and mounted vehicle weapons for a longer duration before they overheat.

Machine Gunner (Unlockable)
With this Support Class Combat Role, you remain focused amid the wreckage your bullet showers create and can automatically spot enemies that you suppress for your squad to pick off. You’ve tamed those unruly Light or Medium Machine Guns and can suppress hordes of foes more effectively.

Machine Gunner Traits
Bullet Storm: You have increased suppression ability.
Focused Fire: Automatically spot enemies when you fully suppress them.

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