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Battlefield V Operation Underground Map Details

The Battlefield V Operation Underground Map is now out and i am sure most of you are playing on it as we speak. Below are the full official details on this map, so if you are interested have a read through them.

Charge into the subway tunnels of a war-torn German city, using skill, squad mates, and shortcuts to survive.

A spiritual successor to Battlefield™ 3’s Operation Métro, Operation Underground is a true passion project when it comes to level design. With our original designer of Métro at the helm, Operation Underground keeps the former map’s intense close-quarter combat in a highly recognizable environment and removes bottlenecks that could make a match stale. In addition, new flanking routes and gameplay dynamics are added to double down on the fun.

Operation Underground Overview
Operation Underground takes place in a war-ridden German city environment where you’ll battle for control both above and below ground. The map can be played in the Conquest, Squad Conquest, Breakthrough, and Team Deathmatch game modes. For limited time periods**, Rush will be a supported game mode, too.

Regardless of how you tackle it, you’ll deploy on a highly dynamic map. Prepare to get tactical and read the rhythm of the battle, working with your squad as you push forward, hold your ground, or fall back.

Operation Underground at a Glance

Units: Infantry Only
Size: Small
Tempo: Fast and Chaotic

Operation Underground supports a wide variety of playstyles involving up-close infantry battles. Supporters of light combat weapons, teamwork, spatial awareness, and ever-changing battle conditions will feel right at home, as will fans of Operation Métro from Battlefield 3 and Battlefield™ 4 or Marita in Battlefield V.

Key Areas and Conquest Capture Points
You’ll experience fast and dynamic firefights in a train station, on city streets, and on an open plaza when playing the objective on Operation Underground. Below, we’ve detailed these three main areas.

Capture Point A: Crossroads
This point is all about city streets and courtyards with plenty of enterable buildings with several floors. The area was an important hub for the city’s military activity, which is why it was bombed by the Allies before the attack.

Capture Point B: Train Station
The train station served as both a shelter and a crucial part of the supply line in and out of the city. Down here, German soldiers are still lingering and must be defeated before the Allies can claim the city is free of enemies. The area will be familiar to fans of Operation Metro-style gameplay – but with more flanking routes! Prepare for occasional floods, opening and closing access to handy shortcuts.

Capture Point C: Plaza
This is the command center of the city’s German operation. The plaza is a more open area with a big accessible town hall in the center. Converted to a military command center that pulls the strings of the German defense of the city, the town hall has limited access to higher floors, but many rooms on the first floor.

Tips for Success on Operation Underground
Teamwork is key for getting results – more so than on most maps. Communicate, coordinate, and share resources. Securing a win here really proves your team effort.
Look for Fortification opportunities to secure ammo, cover, and flow changers, and learn how to best use them as attacker and defender. Be aware that some Fortifications become available as the match proceeds.
Are you a skilled diver willing to take a risk? You may very well find a beneficial flank on the map. Take the plunge and set up a surprise attack on your enemies.
If you reach a good position through difficult flanks, it may be worth waiting for your squad to spawn in on you before revealing yourself. This way, you’ll double down on the effect and reward.
The map sectors have pros and cons for different weapon setups. Some locations provide more long-range opportunities, while others are quite the opposite. Look over and tweak your Company loadouts to tackle all scenarios and be effective at each sector.

Check out the Battlefield V Operation Underground Trailer.

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