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Battlefield Informer Social Networks

Battlefield Informer Social Networks and groups likes to cater for all onlookers around the web, we have Battlefield groups and networks spread across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Steam, StumbleUpon, Battlelog, Google+ and Vimeo. So why not come check us out?

Battlefield Informer StumbleUpon

In our continuous campaign effort to expand our Battlefield Informer community and social networks we have yet another addition to our list. This time being BattlefieldInformer – StumbleUpon. If you use StumbleUpon and like Battlefield games then please be sure to follow us on there. Just like all our other Social Networks and groups such…

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Battlefield Informer – YouTube

Please subscribe to our Battlefield Informer YouTube channel. On this page we upload all the latest news & media video related to the latest Battlefield games. We also upload our home made Montages for your viewing pleasure. Subscribe here. You can check out more Battlefield videos in our Video Gallery or our YouTube channel, thanks…

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Battlefield Informer Steam Group

The Battlefield Informer Steam Group was founded in early February 2011 and was one of our fastest growing communities we have founded so far. Have Steam? If so come join us. Battlefield Informer Steam Group | News, Media, E-Sports + More! We cannot change the name of this group, Steam will not allow it! But…

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