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Battlefield Hardline is a collaboration of two highly regarded game studios at EA that builds on the incredible visual and gameplay technology introduced in the game Battlefield 4.

New modes, new gadgets, new strategies. While classic Battlefield modes like Conquest remain intact, Battlefield Hardline features four new modes. Steal cash from armored trucks and make an escape in Heist, fight for control of a crate of loot in Blood Money! Battlefield Hardline introduces a new story that feels like a prime time crime drama. Release Date: March 2015.

Battlefield Hardline Battlefest Season

If you are a Battlefield Battlefest fan then you will be glad to hear that a new season is soon to arrive for Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4. A full month of in-game happenings, competitions, Double XP events, and more. Battlefest Hits Battlefield Hardline We are glad to announce that a new season of Battlefest the celebration of our faithful Battlefield players will hit newly…

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Battlefield Hardline Digital Restrictions Management

Like a lot of past games Digital Restrictions Management has yet again made a return in Battlefield Hardline. DRM is built into products with the aim of limiting use after purchase. In this case it limits your hardware changes by blocking you from playing! With Digital Restrictions Management Origin can lock you out if you decide to change your graphics cards or other hardware within…

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Battlefield Hardline Battlepack Information

EA have listed some Battlefield Hardline battlepack information for all you players out there currently playing Battlefield Hardline. This information covers, Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, Premium and Ultimate Edition. Depending on the edition of Battlefield Hardline you purchased, you will receive the following Battlepacks. Standard Edition: Three Gold Battlepacks If you purchased Battlefield Hardline Standard Edition, one Gold Battlepack becomes available on March 17th, 20th,…

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Battlefield Hardline Battlelog App For iOS

The newly improved Battlefield Hardline Battlelog App version 2.6.0 contains all the great features you’re already familiar with if you’ve used it for Battlefield 4. You’ll be able to change your Loadout before deploying in-game, see details of your agent, or analyze detailed reports of your last match. There are a lot of great reasons to download the Battlelog App. Check them all out: Loadout:…

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