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Battlefield Hardline is a collaboration of two highly regarded game studios at EA that builds on the incredible visual and gameplay technology introduced in the game Battlefield 4, and introduces a new story that feels like a prime time crime drama. Release Date: March 2015.

Battlefield Hardline Code Blue Map

Battlefield Hardline Code Blue, is one of the four new maps featured in the ”Battlefield Hardline” Criminal Activity expansion pack and based in a Miami night club. Code Blue features intricate sets with tons of destruction! More info on the other 3 maps will be coming soon… The bass line is pounding, and the hi-hats crescendo in a deafening rhythm.…

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Battlefield Hardline Bounty Hunter

An all new mode is arriving for the Battlefield Hardline expansion pack Criminal Activity. Battlefield Hardline Bounty Hunter mode is intense and infantry focused. Although simple this mode provides some unique team and individual strategy. As posted on Battlefield.com In ”Battlefield Hardline”: Criminal Activity, we are introducing a new mode titled, ”Bounty Hunter”. Bounty Hunter is a high intensity infantry…

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The Latest Battlefield Hardline Changes

In yet another great thread created by Thaddeus Sasser Lead MP Designer on Battlefield Hardline he talks about all the latest Battlefield Hardline Changes such as the Rep System, fast tick rate server settings, universal soldier aiming and more so keep reading. Universal Soldier Aiming: Battlefield Hardline Uniform Soldier Aiming Confirmed Rep system: Battlefield Hardline Possible Rep Changes dirtydeathdog –…

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