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Battlefield Hardline is a collaboration of two highly regarded game studios at EA that builds on the incredible visual and gameplay technology introduced in the game Battlefield 4.

New modes, new gadgets, new strategies. While classic Battlefield modes like Conquest remain intact, Battlefield Hardline features four new modes. Steal cash from armored trucks and make an escape in Heist, fight for control of a crate of loot in Blood Money! Battlefield Hardline introduces a new story that feels like a prime time crime drama. Release Date: March 2015.

Perfecting Battlefield Hardline

The extra time given to Visceral Games by EA for perfecting Battlefield Hardline is really paying off. And there using every additional day to make the game better based on improvements suggested by community feedback. Invaluable feedback in the making: players getting hands-on with Battlefield Hardline at our Gamescom 2014 booth. [EA] danmotoxx Our multiplayer development process is all about getting something in the game…

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Battlefield Hardline Singleplayer and Multiplayer Footage

Right and wrong isn’t always that clear. With a fresh new style inspired by from the most popular crime dramas seen on television today, Battlefield Hardline’s gritty story will take you through so many twists and turns, you won’t be able to wait until the next episode. Battlefield Hardline Rescue Multiplayer Trailer: First look at Battlefield Hardline’s highly competitive Rescue multiplayer mode. Live the true…

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Battlefield Hardline Rescue Mode – Trailer

This is the first look at the all new Battlefield Hardline Rescue mode which is highly competitive multiplayer gameplay. Live the true cop and criminal fantasy by being a member of a SWAT team, and rescue hostages using any means necessary. Battlefield Hardline Rescue Mode You can check out more Battlefield videos in our Video Gallery or our YouTube channel, thanks for watching.…

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