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Battlefield Hardline is a collaboration of two highly regarded game studios at EA that builds on the incredible visual and gameplay technology introduced in the game Battlefield 4.

New modes, new gadgets, new strategies. While classic Battlefield modes like Conquest remain intact, Battlefield Hardline features four new modes. Steal cash from armored trucks and make an escape in Heist, fight for control of a crate of loot in Blood Money! Battlefield Hardline introduces a new story that feels like a prime time crime drama. Release Date: March 2015.

Official Hardline Open Beta Dates Coming

Steve Papoutsis VP and GM, Visceral Games and Executive Producer for Battlefield Hardline has just released some new Hardline info and one being that the open beta dates will be revealed tomorrow! Fans of Battlefield, The Battlefield Hardline open beta is drawing near, and we’re pumped to let you throw yourselves into the thrills of cops and criminals multiplayer once again. We learned a ton…

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Unlock Heist Mode – Battlefield Hardline Beta

One of the community missions starts today Wednesday, January 21 and the reward is something special. The Heist game mode will be playable in the Battlefield Hardline beta if you succeed! Your mission? Work together and score 2 Billion points in Battlefield 4 Rush mode. A thrilling new year of Battlefield is upon us. The beta and the March 17 release of Battlefield Hardline in…

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Battlefield Hardline Crosshair Mode

Visceral have revealed that they have given IGN some all new info about one of Battlefield Hardline game modes called Battlefield Hardline Crosshair Mode and apparently this is Hardline’s most hardcore and competitive mp mode. Crosshair is a Battlefield Hardline hardcore and competitive multiplayer mode. Traditional Conquest, of course, sees big battles with vehicles, exploding skyscrapers, and huge heists, but Crosshair focuses down, amps up…

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