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Battlefield Hardline Technical Information

Our Battlefield Hardline Technical Information section provides all the latest update/patch notes for Battlefield 1 this also includes hot fix updates and any other technical information that may help you along the way.

Battlefield Hardline Digital Restrictions Management

Well as a lot of past games Digital Restrictions Management has yet again made a return in Battlefield Hardline. DRM is built into products with the aim of limiting use after purchase. In this case (Battlefield Hardline) it limits your hardware changes by blocking you from playing! Guru3D writes. “EA don’t just verify the number of PCs you work on slash use, nope…

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Battlefield Hardline Battlelog App For iOS

Battlefield Hardline Battlelog App For iOS – The newly improved Battlelog App version 2.6.0 contains all the great features you’re already familiar with if you’ve used it for Battlefield 4. DICE You’ll be able to change your Loadout before deploying in-game, see details of your agent, or analyze detailed reports of your last match. On top of this we also included a Platoon…

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Battlefield Hardline – What Did Visceral Games Learn

The new Community’s Most Wanted is where Visceral Games will outline some of the fixes and improvements they are making to Battlefield Hardline based on feedback they have received during the beta and what there hearing from you. Visceral Games It’s been about a week since the Battlefield Hardline beta has come to a close, and as Steve said last week we want…

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